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Soothing Sun-Ravaged Skin with Soft Water
Summer is the season for increased outdoor activities, but that sometimes translates to increased sun exposure, which can also mean sunburn. Caring for sun-ravaged skin can be sensitive (literally) under any condition but especially if your water quality isn’t optimal. Assistance may lie with a water softener. It removes hard water minerals, allowing water to effectively clean your skin. Click below to read more to see how your home – and your skin – can benefit from a water softener.
Water Softener Terms for New Shoppers
Whether you're in the aisles or scrolling online, water softeners have a language all their own. Click below to learn about some of the most common softening terms and what you should look for when purchasing.
Can’t lose those stubborn spots on your glasses? You probably have hard water.
With hard water found in about 85% of homes in the United States, you’re bound to have experienced the signs of it around your home. Hard water is what’s to blame for these experiences. Click here to learn more about the different signs of hard water throughout your home.
How to protect your water heater
Regardless if you have a tankless water heater or not, hard water can significantly reduce the efficiency and lifespan of any water heater. Click here to read more about the pros and cons of tankless water heaters as well as how hard water can effect them. With the use of a Whirlpool Water Softener, your water heater can last up to 50% longer and use up to 29% less energy.