Quiz 1 – Hard Water and High Levels of Chlorine

The minerals found in hard water (calcium, magnesium and iron) can affect your hair, making your products less effective and your hair more difficult to manage. Just like the scale build-up that forms on your shower doors, faucets and in your pipes, these hardness minerals also build up on your skin and hair.

High levels of chlorine can make water smell and taste bad. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is commonly used as a disinfectant in commercial and household sanitation, bleaching, and in maintaining swimming pools. Many municipalities add chlorine to the water supply to disinfect it and manage bacteria levels. Chlorine, even at acceptable household levels, can contribute to dry eyes and skin irritation as well as exacerbate conditions such as eczema.

Find out how a water softener or whole home filtration system can improve the look and feel of your skin and hair.

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