Find A Filtration System


What would you like your filtration system to do?

Reduce sediment
for cleaner and better tasting water
throughout my home
Reduce contaminants
for safer and better tasting drinking water
Just give me better tasting water!

Which one of these best applies to you?

There are specific contaminants I want to filter out
I am looking for a refrigerator solution
I am not interested in installing a dedicated faucet for filtered water

What size sediment do you have?
Check your toilet tank to determine.

I have coarse sediment
I have fine sediment
I have scale

Which of these do you prefer?

I prefer to pay for a more expensive system vs ongoing filter maintenance
I prefer a less expensive system and maintaining a filter replacement schedule

Which of these contaminants do you want to filter out?

Chlorine Taste and Odor
Lead, Cysts, Chemicals & Industrial Pollutants
Dissolved Solids
Bacteria & Viruses

There are a range of whole home filtration systems for your sediment issues.

New patented FACT® sub-micron filter technology delivers cleaner, better tasting water without the flow reduction common with other whole home filters. And these filters last twice as long (up to 6 months) compared to competitive filters. Two size available – Large and Standard capacity – to fit your whole home filtration system.

Using FilterSense® Technology, the Central Water Filtration System automatically flushes, cleans and drains its internal filter every 14 days. This allows the media bed to continually filter sediments and chlorine throughout the entire home. The system can also be programmed to clean itself more or less frequently depending on the water conditions in your area.

Whole home filtration systems remove coarse sediment from your water as it enters your home protecting your appliances and plumbing. There are a range of systems available including filter-less, open-sump and high-flow as well as options that reduce chlorine taste and odor.

The Whirlpool® Central Water Filtration System is a filter-less system which provides cleaner, better-tasting water throughout your home for little to no long-term maintenance.

Whirlpool® Whole Home Carbon Filters are universal, fitting a variety of types and brands of open-sump whole home systems. Two sizes are available – standard and high-flow – for cleaner, better-tasting water throughout your home.

Great news! All Whirlpool Filtration Systems reduce chlorine taste and odor for better tasting drinking water.

Use the comparison tool to find the system that best fits your filtration needs.

Powered by reverse osmosis technology, this Whirlpool® filtration system reduces dissolved solids from your water for great tasting, safer water without the hassle and inconvenience of buying bottled water.

The Whirlpool® Water Purifier is one of the only filtration systems available that is certified to remove Bacteria & Viruses from your water. The automatic shut-off feature protects your family if it detects a contamination breakthrough.

This universal external refrigerator system fits any brand of refrigerator or ice maker saving you money!

This system installs directly to your existing faucet – no additional faucet installation necessary.

Sounds like you have hard water.

Let’s find a water softening solution for you.

Find a Water Softening Solution

Great news! All Whirlpool Water Filtration Undersink and Refrigerator systems remove chlorine taste and odor, lead, cysts, and a range of chemicals and industrial pollutants.

Use the comparison tool to find the system that best fits your filtration needs.